Welcome, Let's make healthy cooking simple and easy!

Welcome, Let's make healthy cooking simple and easy together!

Monday, February 7, 2011

January Recap/February goals

So I know I'm a little late telling you all my Feburary goals but Feb got here and I still hadn't planned my goals for the month! I hate how time flies! Anyways a review of where I was starting from! 

Jan Goals
1. Run for 2 min/ 1 min for 30 minutes.  check
2. Eat one dessert a week. kinda check I had one week with three dessert nights
3. start eating healthier w/o calorie counting. definite check 
5. Get Enzo's closet and room done. check 

That's right no weight loss goals! And yes I am trying to lose weight! I am on a journey of health and don't really care about how much weight I am losing. I just want to eat healthier and become more active! Those are my ultimate goals for life! Nevertheless, I do keep a record of my measurements, pictures and weight just to keep a record THAT IS ALL. In the past I have found that the measurements are a more accurate way to judge my progress.  Pictures coming soon! 
13-Jan 31-Jan
Bicep 13 12.5
Tricep 10 9
neck 13 14
bust 47 44.5
under bust 42 39
waist 43 41.5
hips 48 48
butt 46 46
thigh 26 24
calf 17 16.5
wrist 6 1/2
weight 220 214.5

These show progress, so that is good!  I absolutely do NOT focus on these. Why? I don't want to be let down by not losing weight and quit, when I have achieved so much! Such as going 3 out of 4 weeks without getting fast food, eating 4 meals a day, exercising hard 4 days a week, stretching twice a day everyday, and being active every day. These are much BIGGER and BETTER achievements than weight lose! 

I also had to really try and not count calories, fat and other such things. Every other time I have dieted I have done this, but I was finding that it consumed my life and I was constantly disappointed in myself for eating anything. But since I have done this before, I already knew what portion sizes I needed which I think is important. If you don't know this, you should definitely spend a good month aquatinting yourself with calorie counting and portion sizes, but I definitely don't wanna spend my life doing this! So I don't but many people find this way helpful in their weight loss journey! 

So onto February goals!

1. Continue healthy eating
2. Run 7 minutes straight at 4.7
3. Make one healthy new recipe out of Bon Appetite
4. Clean kitchen up and down 
5. Start planting vegetables (Are you as excited as I am about planting season?)
6. Go through closet to get rid of clothes (big goal I hate getting rid of stuff)
7. Actually get rid of clothes!!!
8. Make granola every week
9. Try one class at the gym ( I haven't decided which one yet any ideas?) 
10. Make March goals before the middle of march and have February recap before march! 
11. Learn to spell February correctly! 

Enjoy your day everyone!


Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

Group Power! It would be a great way to get in a weight workout since I know you said you don't care for the free weight area. Maybe we could even go together if there's a class time that works well for both of us. :)

And that's great progress, Marie. You have a great approach to it all too.

Marie said...

Congratulations, this is great!!!

Marie said...

yeah we will have to see about doing that. I have never taken a power class, I saw it yesterday though! WOW! Let me know when is good for you.

And thanks for all the congrats!