Welcome, Let's make healthy cooking simple and easy!

Welcome, Let's make healthy cooking simple and easy together!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Corned Beef

Morning all my bloggy friends! Yesterday was a busy busy day, full of appointments, lunch with the hubbo, laundry, the gym(yes I did finally get to go), and helping the hubbo build this!
YAY! YAY! I was so excited to get my son's closet done yesterday. This is what we were using before! 

It was as bad as it looks in this picture. I paid $12 for it and it did it's job but I was glad to be rid of it. Can you imagine this in a room with two boys playing? Let's just say I picked up a lot of clothes! Just one more step towards getting the master bathroom done, the downstairs put back together and the outside painted. The list is getting smaller and smaller! So excited! 

I also made corned beef yesterday in the middle of all this craziness.  I have some fun did you know facts about this that I think will surprise you. 

  1. Did you know that corned beef has been around since the 12th century, of course only Irish royalty ate it but it was there?
  2. Did you know that pastrami is just corned beef smoked?
  3. Did you know that in the UK corned beef, like we have, is called salt beef? Corned beef over there is a canned, minced version (YUCK), good facts to know if you ever go over there and want corned beef. 
  4. Did you know that even though corned beef originated in Ireland, the Irish never ate it, instead they ate something called bacon joint in a similar fashion. When they came to US bacon joint was too expensive and they substituted Jewish corned beef for it. 
  5. Did you know that corned beef is brine-cured beef, which means it is put in a salt bath all night long? (doesn't that sound luxurious) So be careful if you have high blood pressure. 
  6. Did you know that corned beef is mostly made with brisket which is located between the shank and the chuck on the cow? Need a picture? I thought so! 

7. Did you know that Rueben sandwiches are my favorite sandwiches? This one was my husband's, I like a open face sandwich with less beef and more sauerkraut. 

8. Did you know that boiled cabbage is the traditional thing to eat with corned beef? Probably b/c it is so delicious! 

9. Did you know that making corned beef is super easy? No?!? Let me show you!

1 corned beef from the store (if you are feeling adventurous you can buy a brisket and brine it yourself             it's really good.  alton brown has a good brine for that although I do mine for 3 days instead of 10 )
1 cabbage cut in fours

1 lb of carrots 

  1. Take corned beef out of bag, cut off fat, and put in pot or crock pot.
  2. Cover with water, then set to boil for 3-4 hours or 6-8 in crock pot on low.
  3. During the last hour add your cabbage and carrots and potatoes if you want. 
  4. Let cool down in pot and serve with some rye bread. ( I buy Arnold or from a local farmer's market)
  5. Enjoy! 
For Rueben:

leftover corned beef
swiss cheese
rye bread
thousand island dressing (I make my own) that recipe is tomorrow

1. Put some vegetable oil in a pan and heat.
2. Add your bread, both pieces, top one with your swiss cheese to melt. 
3. When brown and melty remove and add your corned beef, saurekraut, and dressing. 
4. Enjoy!

Have a great day everyone! How do you like your corned beef?

Luke 9: 46-48 Do you receive God like a child would? 
I try to be humble and I definitely have a child's outlook. 

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