Welcome, Let's make healthy cooking simple and easy!

Welcome, Let's make healthy cooking simple and easy together!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A day of yeahs

Yeah for Tuesday, my favorite day of the week!

Yeah for this being farmer's market week! A month and a 1/2 of just getting milk, eggs, bananas and bread at the grocery. That's right, I had a whole month of food stores! It comes from being really poor, you can't help but buy food when you can.

Yeah for frozen leftovers and canned soup all week! No cooking until Friday!

Yeah for jog/walking 4 miles, in 50 minutes I might add!

Yeah for getting more spring cleaning done today! Oh kitchen why must you be so messy. I suppose you wouldn't be if I cleaned you more often.

Yeah for finding a site with all the super bowl commercials! http://superbowlads.fanhouse.com/ I never have to watch another super bowl!

Yeah for my brother coming home soon from war! (I can't say where, very secretive)

Yeah for our new rules working for Enzo!
 Wanna know what they are?
1. listen and obey mom and dad
2. respect others
3. be thankful for what you have
They cover just about any situation surprisingly! Thank you God for helping me figure out the perfect rules for us!
He gets special one on one time if he is good all morning and/or afternoon.
If he is good all day no timeouts or spankings (that's right he gets a pat on the butt when he gets really out of control), we will play a board/card game.
(haven't gotten the board game yet and we have been doing this for two weeks but he is getting closer)

Yeah for the gym! I love you gym! I love you gym daycare! I love having my time! Sometimes I feel greedy for this but most of the time I just love it!

mon: run 2/1 x 5 , 1/1 x10 i added on a whole 5 minute jog! weight training
tue: walk 45 min yoga at home
wed: run 2/1 x 6 1/1 x 5 ab work
thurs: turbo jam! and farmer's market ( a whole workout)
fri: run 3/1 x 4, 2/1 x 4, 1/1 x 4 weight training, at home ab work

Yeah for almost being done with taxes and getting money back! WHOO!

Yeah for my iPod nano coming today or tomorrow! And almost having my playlist ready for you all.

Yeah for my other brother coming to visit us this month! For a whole week! And free babysitting!

Yeah for all that God has given me and blessed in my life! 

What do you have to say yeah about? 

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Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

good job on the 4 miles! That is awesome!!