Welcome, Let's make healthy cooking simple and easy!

Welcome, Let's make healthy cooking simple and easy together!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Treadmill dancing and GRANOLA!

Went to the gym today and I have to say five days off of running, for being sick and sick kids, is hard on the legs. I could run for 3 minutes at 4.6, then a one minute walk, 3 minutes at 4.6 and so on. Today I ran one minute at 4.6 and my legs felt like they were going to fall off.  So I listened to my body and went a little slower today but still got my 3 miles in, even if it did take 45 minutes. But a few more days and I will be in running order again. Just hope we don't keep getting sick! 

Ok so tell me all you gym junkies out there, how do you run in a crazy packed gym? With all the treadmills, cycles, elliptical machines, TV's, radio blasting, everyone getting on and off, I get total sensory overload! I can't seem to concentrate on my run and/or breathing. Now I know I've been spoiled with a helpful husband who went into work at 9 instead of 8:30 so I could get in an hour and half run OUTSIDE everyday. But seriously I don't know how to do this! My brain is in overdrive, which makes me not concentrate on what I'm doing. I'm super surprised I haven't fallen off yet.

Luckily, my gym has a cinema room! Which I use all the time but I decided to not give the
cycle class a show today. That's right a show, not a running show, more of a sing and flail your arms around show( you can't really call what I'm doing dancing), now granted I try to keep it in but sometimes my arms and booty just have a mind of their own especially in a dark room. The singing I think was the best, I try not to! I really do! But with my headphones on I can't hear myself. Hopefully it was loud enough in there that no one else could hear me either?  But if you did Your Welcome 8:30 and 9:30 am cycle classes for making your day more hilarious enjoyable! Be expecting plenty more because until I can get over the sensory overload, this show will be there at 8:45am 4 times a week.

Has anyone been outside today? It is gorgeous, if the boys hadn't just been sick, I totally would of skipped the nap today in opt of some sunshine, seed planting, and car washing! 

Anyways, time for your recipe. Granola! Oh how I love thee granola! This doesn't really count as a dessert right? It's a cereal, right? Plus, it helps me get my fiber in for the day and some fruit? Ok maybe I'm pushing it with the fruit but still its in there. I totally eat granola twice a day, first with some cereal and second with some yogurt. And yes I spent the first 10 years of my life in California and Hawaii, I tend to sound like a valley girl! 

You'll need 7-8 cups of dry ingredients such as:

  • oatmeal
  • flaxseed
  • wheat germ
  • nuts almonds, walnuts
  • seeds, pumpkin, sunflower
  • cereal, I like to use grape nuts for the extra crunch just a little though
Then 1-2 cups of wet ingredients depending on how sticky you like your granola 

  • oil, butter, peanut butter, 1 part or 1/4-1/2 cup
  • honey, maple syrup, agave nectar (if you want it really sweet)
  1. Then preheat your oven to 250
  2. Mix up your ingredients, and bake for 2 hours on a non-stick or parchment lined baking sheet,
  3. Stir every 45 minutes. 
  4. When done, add in your fruit, and/or chocolate.

For those crunch clusters, add in 2 whisked egg whites before baking

Isn't that easy! So much easier than dancing on a treadmill! Enjoy your day everyone! 

Do you ever dance and/or sing on the treadmill? 
How is your running/ training going? 

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