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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How music can help you get the most out of your workout

Still sick here! STILL! I feel like I've been sick for 3 months now.  At this point I'd rather be pregnant at least there is a baby to hold at the end. hmmmm....but then again maybe not. Two seems like enough to me.

Anyways Cooper said elbow yesterday, so cute. EL-bow, he was so confused it kept calling it Enzo and looking at me all puzzled.  They grow so fast! Two weeks ago he could barley say enzo, and nose, now he is saying elbow and cheese, and stawbeyy (strawberry). So cute.

Remember that iPod nano I got. And how I promised a music list? Well today is the day I will post one of my many playlist. And some great ideas to keep you motivated during working out.

  • True Beauty                     3:23 Mandisa                 3.23
  • I Gotta Feeling               4:49Black Eyed Peas 8.12
  • The Definition of Me 3:30 Mandisa                   11.42
  • Allegretto                         3:53 Bond                               15.35
  • Born Again                       3:11 Newsboys              18:46
  • Only Girl                   3:55 Rihanna                 22.40
  • The New World               4:59 Markus Schulz           27.39
  • Shackles                            3:29 Mandisa            31.08
  • Cowboy Casanova            3:57 Carrie Underwood  35.05
  • Just the Way You Are 3:41 Bruno Mars             38.46
  • Gotta Get Through This 3:11 Daniel Beddingfield     41.56
  • Steal My Joy                      3:14 Mandisa           45.10
  • Sussudio                           6:37 Phil Collins
  • Emerge                            4:46 FischerSpooner
  • Blame It On Boogie         3:31 The Jacksons     
  • Cooler Than Me               3:35 Mike Posner      
  • When the Boys Light U3:07 Newsboys      
  • The Time (Dirty Bit) 5:08 BEP                     
  • Keep The Faith                5:58 Michael_Jackson  
  • Leave It In the Valley 3:40 Mandisa                
  • Victorious                        3:27 Mandisa                  

(sorry about it not being so clean, it didn't seem to like my chart, so I had to post it individually)
All pump it up songs are in BOLD and inspirational are in ITALIC.
My playlist is much longer than this, because I tend to keep going when I'm feeling it. (When I say going I tend to keep walking after 45 minutes of jog/walk) And I'm always feeling it even if I'm just listening to the radio. BUT I love music! If I don't have good music though I tend to lose my motivation to run.  I also tend to change the songs up every week. SO....I have to have a basic pattern.

Start out with something inspirational, that really gets you feeling good about yourself. SET THE STAGE FOR SUCCESS! If you are feeling good, your workout will go good. I make sure I feel good about my muscles and myself before I start jogging which can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes. 

Did you know that extremely fast tempo, and/or hard rock music makes your heart rate increase? Which is great but not when you are trying to teach your body to run longer.  Stick with medium tempo songs for the majority of your workout/run.  

Then I like to have "pump it up songs" about every 7-12 minutes.  (highlighted in bold) This keeps you going, even when you are exhausted! I like to use trance most of all! WHY? It has this great way of  keeping you calm.  The underlying beat of trance tends be slow with a faster melody on top giving you the feeling of being in a trance.  Basically it pumps you up while keeping your heart rate from flying off the charts. If you haven't run and/or done a workout with trance before I recommend trying it and see how you feel about it. Don't know any good trance? Ask me and I would love to share a post with you all. 

Finally I like to end on a good note! I pick a few dance songs that I like and then a motivational song that makes me feel good about my accomplishment. That way when its time to go run again I will remember how well my last workout went. SET THE STAGE FOR SUCCESS AGAIN! Isn't it the ultimate goal to look forward to working out? This definitely helps me reach that goal time and time again. 

What music do you use during your workouts? 
Any good song choices?  my favorite workout songs are obviously trance/techno
Do you like to use inspirational songs during your workout? mandisa's Victorious always makes me feel so victorious at the end of workout and focuses my life back on God
How do you set the stage for success? 

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