Welcome, Let's make healthy cooking simple and easy!

Welcome, Let's make healthy cooking simple and easy together!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekly planning and Where should we go?

Happy Tuesday morning everyone! I hope all of your days are going well. Mine, not so great so far. My stomach is still upset which means I have the skip the gym once again. BOO! I was really looking forward to it but I don't think they would appreciate me getting sick on their treadmills. Tomorrow I get a ultrasound  of my tummy to see what/if something is causing the problem. Then maybe I'll feel a little better so I can head over to the gym.
I was suppose to start my running training this week. Here was the plan

Mon: Walk 5 min 3.4
          Run  1 min 4.2
         Walk 1 min 3.4
          Repeat run walk 10 times
         Walk 10 min 3.4
          weight training circuit
         2nd workout: 30 min on wii fit ( I do this with the boys, so I let them pick most of the workout to make it fun. They actually keep it pretty balanced which is weird. It keeps them active and happy while I get to sweat it out. )
Tue: bike 30 min
         weight training circuit
Wed: Repeat Mon
Thurs: cardio video 45 min
           long walk with the boys
Fri: Repeat Mon
Sat: whatever I want just some workout
Sun: OFF 

Here is the dinner menu plan for this week which you were suppose to get yesterday but I spent all day at the doctor's office! BOO!

Mon: Ravioli's (I had them in the freezer and need to use them up, so it became a quick dinner) with homemade "red sauce" and some frozen veggies.
Tue: Cornbeef, cabbage, carrots, potatoes (recipe and some facts coming tomorrow)
Wed: Rueben sandwiches and asparagus
Thurs: chicken, rice, and veggies casserole (stick around to see how healthy this can be)
Fri: Leftovers
Sat: Halibut, lemon rice and zucchinni (a new recipe I found in Cooking light)
Sun: haven't decided yet we'll see what projects the hubbo plans

So what do you guys think? I'm trying to decide where to go with the blog. Would you guys like to see menu and training planning every week? I can add grocery lists to go along with it, so you can follow the recipes with me. I would like to have at least one recipe a week with some facts and information about it, as well as adding a scripture from the Bible in each post and some questions, for us all to think about and discuss.  I've been going through Luke this month but I am open to any suggestions.
So what do you guys think?

Luke 9: 18-23 Who is Jesus to you? Have you learned to deny yourself yet for God? How do you deny yourself for God? 

Jesus is God's son to me. I work on denying myself more and more everyday, its a hard process though especially in our society which puts loving yourself first.  I try hard to put the needs of others first and to not gripe and complain about my problems.  

p.s don't you love how I complained about my stomach at the beginning of this post and then put how I'm trying not to complain at the end of the post. Guess I have more work to do. 


Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

I think any way you take your posts will be great. I think its fun to see training plans, meal ideas, etc...and you know I love your recipes. Reflections are always good too.

And yes! Putting others before self is a challenge...for everyone I would think.

EGB said...

I really like seeing your meal plans and training plans. It gives me ideas to keep me from getting into a rut, because if left to my own devices I'd eat chicken with rice, pasta with tomato sauce, fish and chip,s and meatloaf every week over and over and over. (And just get on the elliptical every day at the gym).

Marie said...

I have to say I hate the elliptical. I'm totallly uncoordinated and can't seem to get it going correctly. I actually fell off of these one time. OOPS! I love having new recipes and try and do one new recipe a week. But mostly just cook the same thing over and over again as well.
Thanks for compliment Tina on the recipes...I hope they meet up to expectations.