Welcome, Let's make healthy cooking simple and easy!

Welcome, Let's make healthy cooking simple and easy together!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday, parenthesis, and a womanly fyi

Evening everyone? How was your Saturday? Mine was full of fun. It was my niece, Aviey's Birthday! She is 7, I remember when she was so little, it seems like yesterday! They grow so quickly! The snow is almost gone! YAY! One good thing about the snow is that it puts my life back in focus, because no matter how much planning you do (my whole week was planned out to perfection), God is still in control.

The hubbo and I had a nice morning of snuggle time, (how is it that snuggling can make you feel so much more regenerated than actual sleep?), then a quick breakfast of applesauce and beef jerky from detroit which is delicious/(I know its weird right but I got my protein in for the day), then we put up some molding in our bathroom which is almost finish YAY! (now for the rest of the house, ugh), then naps/showers, and off to Grandma and Grandpa's for the big birthday bash.

The hubbo's family is Italian so there is normally some sort of pasta and lots of it. Since fettuccinni alfredo was on the menu, in the middle of the day. Does anyone else hate eating in the middle of the day? You have to skip lunch, and then are extremely hungry and end up eating too much and then around 8 you're hungry again. Anyways, I was a little scared of eating too much. But I surprised myself by actually not looking forward to the meal, it sounded extremely heavy probably because I haven't eaten anything like this in weeks. The fettuccinni was good but still too heavy, so I opted for a small polite portion and a huge portion of salad. Dinner was concluded with a wonderful brownie cake. {Sorry no pictures my battery died in my camera (BOO!). } I had 1/2 of a brownie and was done, not only was I full but I was happy with my 1/2 of a brownie. They were delicious but I didn't want to eat anymore, so I stopped. Big accomplishment for me! I'm sure most of you have had this moment of yes, I'm finally able to eat what I want and not be overly crazy where you eat too much, or too little Although its taken me three years to change my food habits it finally seems to be coming together, which excites me.  Have I mentioned how much I love parenthesis, I use to get D's on tests in English for using too many of these?

One extra point for the day is to be careful when using over the counter yeast infection medications. I know a little bit too TMI for some but I felt I should warn you all about it. I used one of those 1-day monistat gels, and found that I am really allergic to it. Quite painful, and irritating. When looking it up on the internet, I found that it is really common and benadryl seems to be the prescribed medication. I suggest when buying one of these, that you haven't used before, to put some on your arm and wait a few hours before administering because a rash and some swelling on your arm is much less painful than in "other places".

Does anyone else love snuggle time as much as I do? Any weird combos for breakfast? I really like steak and veggies for breakfast! What's everyone up to on Sunday? 

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