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Friday, January 21, 2011

Fun Doctor appointments

Afternoon, I hope your day is going well. Mine not so great again. Cooper is sick now and I was up most of the night with him. He had a temperature of 102 all night that would not go away, and was wheezing really bad.  So Cooper and I visited each other in bed back and forth until about 2am, when he finally went to sleep until about 7.Around 7:30 I knew I was going to have to take him to the doctor's. You see Cooper has asthma (so do I), which is not awful, we just have to be extra cautious with colds.  And we get to do breathing treatments which are wonderful because they help him breathe but awful to watch. We call them panda bear time.

Anyways back to the appointment. The doctor's office opens at 8 I called at 8:13, their first available was 8:45. I'll take it. No one was dressed, showered, feed, Nothing, I didn't care I wanted to get to that appointment. So our house became a crazy house for about 4 hours.

I threw some pants on while Cooper is moaning at me to hold him, which of course I did, he was sick!

changed Cooper while brushing my hair,

Then Philip gets out of the shower (thank goodness for my wonderful husband), and says I'll get Enzo ready (YAY!).

 I get Cooper to take some tylenol, pack up my bag, get granola bars to eat at the dr's office, and get my shoes on.

Then realize my jacket is in the washer so I don my old UD sweatshirt that is like 12 yrs old and extremely well worn ( I don't care I'm getting to that appointment.)
( Then starts the shoe and jacket fiasco. This is like this every time we leave the house. )

Anyways, I take a deep breath and plunge in.

Put your shoes on Enzo, A loud OK comes from upstairs.

I go get Cooper shoed and jacketed.

Enzo are you ready? NO! I don't wanna put my shoes on!!!!

Throw tantrum for 10 minutes, while I try to ignore/talk/scream at him and not look at the clock. We have 15 minutes to get the appointment (really 10 b/c every doctors office has their clock set ahead 5 minutes at least).

Meanwhile Cooper has taken his shoes and jacket off, I'm thinking if you can get it off why not on?

Get Cooper ready again while Enzo is screaming, but has finally successfully gotten his shoes on.

Mommy can we go to the park? repetitively....while buckling them both in.

Drive to the appt like a manic,  I just don't care about getting in an accident anymore, besides it will get us to the doctor quicker anyways!

Run in to appointment all flushed and crazy looking because I forgot to actually fix my hair and I'm wearing jeans that are way too big (forgot to actually look at what I was putting on), and a ratty old sweater

Get granola bars out so Enzo can eat while we wait.

Get called back immediately (they must of known I needed a minute b/c if I hadn't it would of taken 15 minutes to get back there)

Nurse comes in asks a bunch of questions, leaves.

Doctor comes in asks the same questions, says he needs a breathing treatment. DUH!

Meanwhile Cooper has been moaning this entire time, and Enzo is reading books as loud as possible.

Then she proceeds to poke and prod Cooper....screaming from Cooper intensifies, reading gets louder, my head starts pounding.

Doctor says we are going to give him a special breathing treatment, and some antibiotics. (thank goodness at least it wasn't a wasted appointment)

Start breathing treatment, Cooper starts pouring his juice all over me  I don't even notice,  screaming continues, Enzo looks on in amazement (I wish I could scream that loud) .

Finally get ready to check out, Philip says I'll take the boys to car. (I hear heavenly music playing, thank you Jesus!)

Cooper falls asleep in the car on the way to take Philip to work. (more heavenly music)

Only to wake up when Philip leaves the car and start wailing again. Errr!

Get home, make lunch, remember that I forgot to drop off prescriptions.

Watch the boys run circles around me, I thought you were sick Cooper!

Put Cooper down for a nap ONLY three times, that's right only, it normally takes 7. That's down from the hour and a half it use to take. So I'm thinking this is pretty easy!

Read Enzo a book, put him down for a nap.

Then pass out on couch.

....remind self never to go to the doctor again, and instead go to the park. At least I can keep my sanity that way! Wait Cooper was actually sick this time, maybe next time make a later appointment.

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