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Monday, March 14, 2011

The travels

WOW! how long has it been blog world? I think about two weeks! A veeerrry long two weeks for me! Let me catch you up!
First we drove up to Tarrytown, NY where the hubbos Dad is from which is the most adorable town ever. I totally recommend going there. But this was not a pleasure trip we had to put Grandma to rest! She looked so peaceful, I'm so happy she is not in pain anymore and gets to be with her Savior! I'm not hoping for death or anything but I can't wait for the day to be with my Savior as well. We got to meet lots of family members, and friends of Grandma which was wonderful. We all just sat around, ate, and talked. Grandma would of loved it.We were there about 3 days plus two travel days. Yes two travel days, it is a 15 hour drive, that we did non-stop! Thankfully Philip's parents went with us this time, so it was pretty easy. But we have done it ourselves before and its really not that awful. But I love driving.
Then we drove back to GA for a quick, 3 day, visit with my step-brother, Adam.He came down from Ohio on his vacation to spend some time with us. He is so sweet! We had a great time, exploring Atlanta. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Fernbank Museum here? Oh it is so cool, and hardly ever crowded, and fairly cheap, plus they are putting in a new kid's area that I can't wait to see. We did a few other things in Atlanta but mostly just relaxed and enjoyed the company.
The day after Adam left, we decided to head up to Dayton, OH as an unplanned trip. The hubbos was going up to Detroit for work, so instead of flying he just drove us up to Dayton, dropped us off and went on his merry little way. I had everything packed, the house was still clean from us being out most days. It just all kinda worked out. Thankfully, we have a wonderful family here that watched our dog for us or we would be screwed on these kinda last minute trips.
Another plus to the ohio trip was that we were able to bring my Dad's new car up with us, that we have been working on.Then we got to fly back. I use to fly about every 6 months, but I haven't flown since Enzo was 6 weeks old. That's 3 years, not on a plane, I have missed you planes. If I had better eyesight, I would of been a pilot in a minute. Anyways, we were all super excited, especially Enzo. Luckily it was a beautiful day and we could see out for miles, we could even see our church, and the general area of our house. Enzo loved it, and no one got sick. Overall, it was a great trip to Ohio.
Have I mentioned how great of travelers my boys are? They are the best. We had one bout of sickness on the way to NY, (don't put your kids in backseat of a van,they have never been in, on a long trip), and we only had to whip out the DVD player once in all this traveling. That's right one movie, 2 hours, In 44 hours of traveling, mostly driving. They really are the best little travelers. Of course we have lots of games we play.
Anyways, I was quite happy to go the gym this morning. I haven't gone in almost 2 weeks now, granted I got in a few runs outside, and lots of walking but it is just not the same. I got a good 2.5 miles in 32 minutes.I was also happy to be back to my food habits. I love my family, but we just don't eat the same anymore. I was certainly tired of gravy and potatoes. More on that tomorrow though!
Do you enjoy driving? How do you keep the little ones preoccupied while driving? What is one of your favorite places to visit?
Enjoy this beautiful spring weather everyone!

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