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Welcome, Let's make healthy cooking simple and easy together!

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Who is excited about the new tangled movie coming out? me me me!!! Ok so I've already seen it, my husband took me because he knows how much I love these movies. Have I mentioned how much I love him? BUT I am still excited to see it again and again and again. Too bad I have boys, boys who like cars and trucks and dirt and not girls being silly in love. Oh well, I'll make them watch it anyways, good practice for later in life! hahaha
Anyways another at home workout day for me, Cooper is still a little sick and Enzo seems to need some extra discipline for whatever reason. I just have to keep remembering that this is life, not a race. I will get there when I get there, I can't just keep running and running and running and never enjoying the scenery, or I would end up stumbling a lot more often.

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caree said...

I LOVED tangled!!! more so than my daughter, I don't think she is old enough yet to appreciate it. Its definitely a must buy!!!