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Welcome, Let's make healthy cooking simple and easy together!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

 love music. It motivates me in everything I do. SO I decided to dedicate one day a week to it. Every Wednesday I will post a few songs that I'm really feeling for the week.  Feel free to join me!
Love this mostly because I just love avril!

 I love the beat of Rhianna S&M and it makes me laugh! But it is so naughty I have to be careful not to sing this one out loud at the gym! Supposedly the video was so bad they took it off of you tube!

Armin van Buuren my favorite trance artist. He also has a podcast that I am totally digging right now! Trance is getting big folks, watch out for in lots of songs like J-lo's new one!

Chris Tomlin enough said! Our God is Greater! 

Ok Lady Gaga you are weird but I love that you totally embrace yourself in this song! I could use a little more of that. Especially these last couple of weeks!

So what do you guys think? I love the idea of a whole day of music! Plus it kinda breaks up the week! 


Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

I think it’s a great idea! I love all these songs!

Anonymous said...

I think that you & my husband have very similar musical interests!

Love Gaga, love Rhianna {just not that song} I'm okay with Avril, hatehatehate trance music {hubs ♥'s it!}

Looking forward to seeing what else you like!


caree said...

I love avril!!! And music is big in my life too!!