Welcome, Let's make healthy cooking simple and easy!

Welcome, Let's make healthy cooking simple and easy together!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Exciting times!

So Cooper is teething today! WOO! not! I will be excited when he is finished. He is getting not one, not two, but three teeth in all at the same time, all pointy teeth which seem to be worse of all. I spent most of the night up with him, moaning. I haven't gotten a full night's sleep in almost a month now. This is motherhood, I suppose. But luckily, I have a wonderful, understanding husband who let me pass out sleep in for an extra hour today.

But I did manage to get the bathroom spring cleaned with Cooper in my lap (don't ask me how or why I did this, I just did). That's right the nice weather last weekend gave me the spring clean bug and it's about time. The dirtiness is starting to get overwhelming.

I also got these babies planted. I love planting and growing things. I'm so excited to get started. It's amazing to see how much God can produce from one little plant. Think of how much he can produce from us!

Broccoli and some herbs lots more planting to come

I also got some research done for my new iPod nano coming! YAY! Happy early birthday to me! Thanks Dad and Grandma Barb! My new workout playlist is coming soon and it will be a dosey.  A mix of Christian music with reasonable hip hop, some old pop, 80's funk, electric band mixes, and a big hit of trance.
Music is my absolute favorite part of the day. We listen to 104.7 the fish or some dance mixes I've made up at least once a day for a good hour.  The boys just ignore my dancing singing craziness. I suggest to all the people who go to Atlanta Fitness to learn this as well. I just can't help myself when I hear a good song, I need to dance and sing and I don't care who sees. I also hum randomly all the time, it's so bad that Enzo sometimes tells me "Mom, your singing again" and all I can say is "hmm" b/c I had no idea I was doing it.  Oh well, at least he tells me nicely.
Random thought! Do you think if I put something funny smelling on my hand and smelled it every time I had a craving for something naughty, but wasn't really hungry, it would help me not want this anymore?

Anyways guess what we had for dinner last night!
This! Jealous? You shouldn't be it was super easy to make.  I promise!

leftover pasta with veggies, threw in some broccoli, frozen spinach, a little goat cheese and some dressing. This one to be specific with a little mustard to give it a kick.
 And done!

Psalm 145 was speaking to me today! I love praising and worshipping God and this seems to sum it all up for me! 

Have a great day! What are you excited about? I can't wait for spring! I think it's obvious!

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