Welcome, Let's make healthy cooking simple and easy!

Welcome, Let's make healthy cooking simple and easy together!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Where did the food go?

Well, I'm still here! Stuck at home, never leaving it seems. The temperature has not gone up even a little tiny itsy bitsy bit above freezing, meaning the snow and ice still have me trapped in my house. And guess what,  the temperature is going to stay below freezing UNTIL FRIDAY, which means the snow won't even start to melt until then. AHHHH!!  Now most of you here in the South, may of gotten out of your house, (enjoy the freedom). But I live in the worst sub-division ever, it has this huge hill that no one can get out of, so to escape any kind of ice someone has to come pick us up from the main road that we have to walk to.  Now picture me, dragging two car seats out there, and then two boys only to go to the gym or grocery store. I think not!

Now, we all knew the storm was coming, so we all stocked up on milk, bread, eggs, and bananas (seriously they were out of bananas at the store two days before the storm came in). You don't really think about real dinners. Did I think I would be stuck here for a whole week? NO! But luckily I have a well stocked pantry and I was planning on cleaning it out. So maybe it was just a blessing in disguise. HA! I seem to be having quite a few of those lately.

So I'm moving onto canned soup today, frozen pizza, or a frozen chicken pot pie. All of which sound extremely unappetizing! I could make up a big beautiful meal with crazy leftovers and it could potentially come out wonderful or it could come out tasting like crazy leftovers. I'm voting for the later. Besides with two crazy kids running around, that have been stuck inside for three days now, and my stomach still being upset, I'm just too tired to try and make something that they may or may not eat, which would just start another fight. Have you ever wondered how many times you can say no in a day? I should count it up one day and see how many it comes out as. I would say at least upwards of 50. Ok so that was completely random but it's my blog and I can do what I want on it!

Anyways all I can say is thank goodness for my wonderful husband and his wonderful purchase of a wii
for Christmas! It's turning out to be the best present ever!!!! And at least we have electricity and heat and a few reserved Christmas presents for just such an occasion!  You see I reserve a few presents that they get at Christmas for days when I'm sick, or going on a long car ride or snowed in for a week. Does anyone else do this?

How is your day going? How many times a day do you say no? 

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