Welcome, Let's make healthy cooking simple and easy!

Welcome, Let's make healthy cooking simple and easy together!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sickness vs. Laziness

Well this week I got a colon infection whatever that means. The doctor says it was some sort of weird bacteria that got in my colon and is very uncommon. The internet says it is due to too much fat in your diet and stress in your life. If it had told me this three months ago I would of agreed BUT now I've removed much of the fat from my life and stress. Maybe this is my body's way of purging it all now. HA! It could of warned me beforehand thank you very much. Anyways so this week, has been a lazy sick week for me. But my poor hubbo has built our bathroom, watched our kids, and fixed dinner every night this week. I love him!
 Anyways, I often wonder if there is a difference between laziness and sickness for me it sometimes hard to see the difference since I grew up in a house with a chronically depressed mother and myself who had really bad asthma. So I've come up with 5 ways to tell if you are sick and 5 ways to tell if you are just being lazy. I kid you not, I have had many many sick days in my life to think this through.

1. If you are throwing up, have a temperature, a hard time breathing or feel basically like you are about to die, you are sick or possibly having a panic attack either way in my book your sick.

2. If the room is spinning for no apparent reason you are probably sick or doing things you shouldn't be doing.

3. If you have someone taking down walls in the next room or other such extremely loud noise and you still sleep through it, you are either sick or so tired that you need to take a rest.

4. If your children are screaming for you and they just sound like a pretty echo down a long hallway, your probably sick or much worse than sick.

5.  If you go the emergency room and the front desk guy looks at you and says let's get this one admitted NOW, you can have at least two days off after that.

1. If you have a list about 8 miles long, accomplished none of it and feel like taking a nap, you are just being lazy.

2. If you can get up and fix yourself dinner, watch some tv, play a game, and then realize you are sick, you are just fooling yourself. ( although this has happened to me as well, it's like you have bursts of energy when you are sick)

3. If your kids are driving you crazy, your laundry and dishes are piling up and you keep watching hallmark movies (yeah I'm sappy) then your being lazy.

4. If your spouse, friends, or children ask you if you are sick but you feel fine, then your probably being lazy.

5. If you start to feel tired because you have slept too much, then your being lazy.

Well, I can call myself guilty for all ten things on this list, number 5 one the sick list and number 3 on the lazy list probably too many times. How about you? I love lazy days where you pop in a few movies and lounge around but I have remember to not disguise it as being sick. That my friends leads down on a road nobody wants to follow. So now I'm going to go work out for the first time in 4 days and maybe actually eat something besides chicken broth, yuck! But on the plus side it has helped me get rid of sugar for a whole week, three more weeks to go and I will have mostly gotten rid of the cravings. Well at least the cravings I have every hour. Enjoy your day everyone!

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