Welcome, Let's make healthy cooking simple and easy!

Welcome, Let's make healthy cooking simple and easy together!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

planning and some confidence boosters

Happy Tuesday everyone! Tuesday is my favorite day of the week, I don't know why I just love Tuesdays. What is your favorite day of the week? How is everyone's day going? Mine is ok, I had another doctor appointment this morning for my colon/stomach abdominal region it seems. They now think it might just be acid, so I get to try that for awhile and if that doesn't help, then we get out the big guns (cat scan). I hope this works because I am not looking forward to a cat scan!!!
 Anyways today is planning Tuesday, and yes I do my meal and workout planning on Tuesday mostly because I like to go shopping Tuesday or Wednesday(less people).  I hate grocery shopping (except at farmer's markets) so the quicker I can get in and out the better.

Food plan: 

Breakfast, lunches and snacks

Mon: homemade granola bar, leftover chinese food from sunday, banana w/pb
Tue: none (dr appt fasting), turkey hummus cucumber sandwich, granola and apple
Wed: pumpkin/pb oatmeal, canned soup and half turkey sandwich, apple and grapes (prep day)
Thurs: whole wheat waffles w/lemon strawberries, leftover cod sandwich and broccoli, plain yogurt w/apple and granola
Fri: 1 scrambled egg and banana smoothie, canned soup and apple, toast w/pb
Sat: ham and pea frittata, tuna salad, triscuits w/ cheese and apple
Sun: up in the air day
Mon: oatmeal/raisins and veggie sausage (first time trying in a long time), leftovers, plain yogurt w/strawberries and granola


Mon: chicken fajita chili w/cornbread (recipe tomorrow)
Tue: leftovers
Wed: spice rubbed cod w/lemon broccoli and baked potato fries (recipe Wed as well)
Thurs: Italian Sausage onion and peppers, tomato sauce and california mixed veggies
Fri:  Italian sausage vegetable soup (recipe Fri)
Sat: Leftovers
Sun: up in the air day
Mon: Sauteed veggies and pasta

Confession of the week. I bought ice cream at the store on Sunday! shame shame but not because guess what I'm eating healthier not dieting! If I really want some ice cream I can have, I just have to remember not to eat it every day. And because I haven't been eating it every day, it tasted so much better! I can have a sweet and not beat myself up about it because guess what I'm beautiful just the way I am! 

So this week I feel much better and Cooper is doing ok. SO I am finally able to get on the workout schedule I have been planning! It felt wonderful to run yesterday and I know those of you who don't workout often look at this and say she's crazy it hurts and you can't breathe. But about mid way through your work out when your winded and hurting and feel like stopping just keep on going (unless you feel faint of course) because you get this magnificent burst of energy (that stays with you all day). My legs are sore and shaky this morning but the feeling of accomplishment overrides that completely.  I can't wait to keep going and get back up to 8 miles jogging or more.  

Right now though I'm working on slimming down and toning up. What does this mean? For me it means 2 short workouts and one long workout with weight training.  I know it sounds like a lot but I said short sessions and when I say short I mean short like 10-15 minutes just to get your heart rate up.  I'm trying to get my metabolism going faster/ burning more calories and to do that I need lots of activity, more muscle tone, and lots of water. So let me show you what I mean.


Mon: 7:30am 5 minutes stretching 10 minutes, running, lunging, pushups, jumping jacks 5 minutes stretching
         10-12am 5 minutes walking 3.5, 22 minutes run 4.3 1 min/ walk 3.5 1 min,  10 minutes walking 3.5, 5 minutes cool down weight training (I'll get to this more another day)
          7:30pm  5 minutes stretching 10 minutes, running, sit ups, squats 5 minutes stretching
 Tues: 7:30am 10 minutes stretching and squats
           4-6        walk on treadmill 3.6 45 minutes, weight training circuit
           7:30pm 10 min stretching, sit ups, lunges
Wed: Repeat Mon
Thurs: Repeat Tues except do workout video instead of treadmill
Fri:  6:30am 5 minutes stretching, 5 minutes walking, 30 minutes run/walk intervals, 5 min cool down
        10:00    lunges, jumping jacks in between weight training
        7:30pm 10 min stretching, core workout
Sat: 10:00     an hour walk
        1:30pm 15 min weight training
        7:30pm 10 min stretching
Sun: 7:30am 10 min stretching
         7:30pm 20 min stretching and core workout
Repeat until ready to boost it up some more. 

I know this looks daunting to some and easy to others but remember this is what works for me! YOUR workout is YOUR workout, it's YOUR time, not mine or anybody else's. Go at YOUR own pace if you can't run, then walk.  If you wanna run faster than do it. But remember to keep pushing YOURSELF, and add more as you go along! Only YOU have the power to make yourself stronger and healthier! Only YOU know your limitations! YOU are strong and beautiful and wonderful just the way YOU are! YOU are eating healthier, and being more active to make YOURSELF healthier, and more active! Because guess what God made us all beautiful! Get out there and show the world how beautiful YOU are today!  

Tomorrow is two delicious, healthy recipes that taste better than that ice-cream I had on Sunday. But I love savory dishes! 


Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

I know I always like fitting in stretching and things like abs while playing with m and not with my main workout time too.

Marie said...

yea its just easy to do it then, that way you get a good workout at the gym and are staying active all day