Welcome, Let's make healthy cooking simple and easy!

Welcome, Let's make healthy cooking simple and easy together!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope everyone is having a great day and enjoying their yummy black eyed peas (for good luck). What else are you having for dinner? We are having beef wellington, changed a little by me, asparagus, and baked potatoes.  The hubbo has been nagging me for years to make him this, so I decided New Year's was the best time to make it. Starting the year off satisfying your husband and having a good meal is not a bad way to start things out, right?  Hopefully tomorrow I will have a delicious healthy recipe for everyone. Oh and since the children will most likely not eat this they will be having a delicious meal of popcorn, cheese, asparagus, and bananas. haha Does anyone else do this occasionally with their small children?

What is everyone doing for the day? Relaxing, watching a movie, seeing loved ones, or getting some house work done? I have to say I am the later. We are doing a huge project on our house.  And today consisted of putting up more sheetrock in our bathroom, then clinging the nails ( oh you don't know what this is, me either until today, all the nails have to be in the wall so you have to run a knife along them and see if they cling, if they don't you have to screw them in until they do, fun right?), then spackling while watching a three year and one year old. WOOHOO!  It sounds like hard work but its not! It's just tedious and BORING!

Anyways, now I have to go and cook up this fabulous meal which will be fun.  By the way does anyone know how to put pictures on the blogs, any information would be helpful about blogging since I am totally new to this. Thanks!

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