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Welcome, Let's make healthy cooking simple and easy together!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Garden update

Note: I am a beginning gardener and by no means an expert. This is my fourth year growing in Atlanta, Georgia and I have slowly learned, by trial and error mostly, how to keep my plants alive and producing good fruit. I hope you enjoy my little garden and our escapades! 
Let's start with how the spring garden is doing. 
Snap Peas....time to put a fence in the middle for them to grow up....I probably should of done this about a week ago I've been procrastinating
More peas and more peas....we are going to have lots of peas and snap peas this year.....as you can see I need to consider some drainage for next year
Broccoli....its growing slowly but surely....I hope it makes it, in the last couple of years it has died off right before the broccoli came in....I have been babying them like a mama hen.
Romaine...also moving slowly but surely...I can't wait to see how it comes together!
Arugula....don't they look beautiful! We have gotten a lot of rain this spring and the other plants I think have suffered a little because of it....but not the arugula it seems to love all the water! 
Some random flower pictures....I love these bushes! Can you guess what it is called?
Onto the summer garden which is in prep mode

First we tilled this with some lime and organic compost (homemade).
Then it sat for about a month before I could get to it.
So I had to weed some but not too awful.....except for some added areas. Gardens seem to be the hardest to weed the first year, after that the ground seems to get use to being bare. If you get rid of the first layer of soil, I hear it helps but I have yet to try. 
Then I raked all the weeds and rocks away....and tilled it up a little by hand. 
then I measure out my areas and added in my wooden thingys (I have yet to name them since they are a new addition this year.  I'm excited to see how much they help especially with the weeding.  we already have a few frogs living under them in the spring garden which is great to keep down bugs) each bed has its own plant (yeah I'm lucky)! that big area is for tomatoes and basil!!!! 
Today I will make some mounds for my cucumbers, squash, and melons....and plant all my baby plants. 
Then I will put up the fence (we use a wire fence) and mulch around because for some reason we never weed whack and the grass around the fence can get really tall!
Then water, watch, and pull weeds. I spend about an hour a week in each garden after this pulling weeds and checking the plants and of course getting the beautiful produce! 
Baby tomatoes and basil...this was after their first night out(side) they look a little worn out! 
The first produce of the season....green onion I think....this and several more were randomly growing in the summer garden. I planted onions about two years ago and every year we get them. I also have chives all over the yard (I guess they are good at spreading) and the neighbors, oh yeah they love me, oooppss! I also have strawberries all over the yard which I planted one year....they only produce baby strawberries and the squirrels, chipmunks, and rabbits eat them before I can get them....but I guess those are good at spreading as well. 

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